Power Grid Extension – Project Objective:

The primary objective of the Ganta-Gbarnga grid extension project is to provide services for the construction of the Ganta-Gbarnga 33kV line and associated distribution, protection, and control facilities. The Ganta-Gbarnga line shall extend 77.28 km from Ganta to the vicinity of Cuttington University in Gbarnga at point directly opposite the entrance of the Phebe Hospital where the line will connect with Phebe-Cuttington-CARI-Suakoko. This project also includes the installation of a grounding transformer bank, a voltage regulator, a main disconnect switch, a primary metering set, approximately 25.5 km of single-phase distribution line and associated transformer. It will also provide approximately 10km of low voltage line and 500 consumer service drops

Power Grid Extension – Contract Execution

In September of 2018, USAID awarded APSCO an award contract in order to execute the objectives of the GGGEP project. This included the construction services for the Ganta-Gbarnga 33kV line and associated distribution, protection, and control facilities as described in Section C above.  In addition, all the resources (Labor, management, supervision, tools, materials and equipment) as necessary for the production of the construction working drawings, construction of the power lines and installations was included. This also comprised the establishment of a main camp near the project site to house imported materials and staff, which was considered to be the mobilization and demobilization of major structures and equipment’s near the installation sites. 

Almost all construction equipment for this project are acquired from the United States, per FAR code requirements of USAID. During the procurement of goods, supply chain had faced some major disruptions. This was due to natural disaster as well as the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. which attributed to the delays.  However, even with these unforeseen delays, APSCO was very committed to the successful completion of this project despite the various vitiating and difficult situations that adversely impacted timely execution of the project. Failure was never an option due to the significance of the project both to our client and the end-users.

Power Grid Extension – Completion

As of October 23, 2021, APSCO reached substantial completion on the GGGEP extension line. The final project works are consistent with the quality and quantities specified by USAID.  APSCO continued to service the GGGEP line for an additional year, until October of 2022.

APSCO received a Substantial Completion Certificate from the U.S. Government on December 15, 2021. Bringing the GGGEP to a successful completion despite the challenging pandemic throughout the implementation of the Project. 

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