Project Objective

UNIDO awards American Procurement Services a contract for the design, build and distribution of Medical Waste bins & trolleys to five Indian states. The overall objective of the UNIDO project was to provide a system for waste segregation, decrease decontamination and compaction of medical waste. This intended to reduce disposal volume by raising awareness and dissemination of know- how, while incorporation a waste management system.

The first phase of this project called for the distribution of standardized color-coded bins for segregated collection. This include 140 healthcare facilities of the five participating States (Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra, Odisha and Karnataka).  Prior to the contract, many of the healthcare facilities had limited waste segregation system in place which caused contamination and spread of disease.

Contract Execution

UNIDO awarded this contract to APSCO in October of 2016. APSCO, as implementing partner, carried out the first phase of the project in collaboration with its manufacturing partner. APSCO and its manufacturing partner went through multiple sample inspections, conducted by hospital and UNIDO staff, to confirm that the custom designed and manufactured bins exceeded the required standards and specification of the end users. Bins of this design and quality have never been available before and include a seamless thick stainless-steel design to ensure simple yet incredibly effective sterilization and cleaning.

Upon acceptance of the awarded contract, APSCO built the proto-type of the waste equipment based on the UNIDO-approved specification. However, the specification was unacceptable to the end-users. APSCO worked with the local Indian Pollution Control Board’s from all five states to produce new prototypes. The final prototype presented exceeded the initial technical specifications. They had multiple visits to the manufacturing facility to oversee the production and samples inspection. Upon approval of new prototypes, APSCO began production of bins and trolleys for the first state, Punjab.

UNIDO field officer, Punjab’s Pollution Control Members and an independent inspection service agent visit the manufacturing facility prior to the shipments dispatch. The team carried out a pre-delivery inspection to confirm all bins conformed to the required specifications. Stakeholders reviewed the inspection report and approved the bins and trolleys. Dispatch of the finished goods followed shortly after to the healthcare facilities in Punjab. Production continued for the remaining four States, in the following order: Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Odisha. Similarly to Pujab, production continued for the following four states, which reached completion in June 2018.

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