In May of 2021, FAO Representation in Angola awarded APSCO a contract to supply and delivery 600 bicycles for a project in Luanda, Angola.  Upon receipt of the order, APSCO partnered with a reputable bicycle manufacturer and local Angola assembly team to execute to order.  The bicycles supplied were heavy duty off road bicycles that included a carrying rack, mudguards, and maintenance tool bag.

Contract Execution

APSCO’s manufacturing partner completed the production in just 65 days, even during the toughest times of the pandemic. Production finalized and then the units were packed dismantled into wooden crates for safe transportation. Next, the goods were transported via sea to Luanda seaport. Upon arrival, APSCO worked with FAO to clear the containers and unloaded at their Luanda warehouse in under a week.  APSCO’s local assembly team worked over a five-day period to assembly all bicycles. Then they were loaded onto trucks to be delivered to their final destination.  200 units were then delivered to three provinces through out Angola.

Project Objective

The end user of the goods is the Ministry of Agriculture, Angola. MOA then donated them to the local farmers of Malanje, Huambo and Bie in Angola. With quicker transportation, rural famers in the targeted three provinces would be able to increase productivity and agricultural production.

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