May of 2017 the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) of the Republic of Liberia awarded America Procurement Services (APSCO) a contract to supply and deliver Solid Waste Collection Equipment for their Cheesemanburg Landfill Urban and Sanitation (CLUS) Project. The equipment supplied included three (3) Wheel Loader Tractors with three years supply of spare parts from APSCO’s manufacturing partner. APSCO’s factory engineer also commissioned and trained end-users, conducted at MCC’s location in Monrovia. At the time of contract award, MCC was renting this set of equipment from private sources at significant daily rate for the waste management program. They pleaded with APSCO to expedite the delivery of the equipment. Initially, MCC had issued the contract for only two Wheel Loaders, but because of the urgent need of the equipment for the CLUS project, they increased the quantity to three (3) units and stressed the importance of prompt delivery to the end location.
Upon receipt of the award, APSCO’s management negotiated with their manufacturing partner to have the three units manufactured and shipped to Monrovia within ninety (90) days, the same timeframe offered for just two (2) units. Not only the short production lead time was a challenge, but because of the size of the bull dozers, shipping the goods fully assembled in containers would be near impossible. APSCO’s team worked with the manufacturer and shipping agents to devise a plan so that the equipment was mostly assembled and able to fit in opened containers so that once unloaded at the final destination, little assembly was required, and the units would be ready for immediate use.
Extreme care was used in packing the Wheel Loaders with the front buckets unassembled and spare parts carefully marked and accounted for. Once the shipment arrived at Monrovia Seaport, APSCO’s Management had already produced the required documentation to Liberia Customs and their local shipping agents, and the shipment was moved from the seaport within one week from receiving the Notice of Arrival. APSCO arranged the arrival of the manufacturer’s factory engineer to be onsite while the goods were clearing customs, so that the end-users would be trained on the technical design of the equipment before its delivery to the end-user’s location.
  When the equipment reached our client’s site, the front buckets to the wheel loader were assembled and by the engineer and he conducted the operation and maintenance training for all personnel, completed in under two weeks. Our clients were not only satisfied with the execution of the project, but also the quality of the equipment supplied which has and will be used to carry out the  Solid Waste Collection Equipment for their Cheesemanburg Landfill Urban and Sanitation (CLUS) Project in Monrovia, Liberia. 

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