American Procurement Services provides three primary categories of services to its clients. These include:

1. Procurement Services Division – Acquisition of Goods & Services

The acquisition of goods and services is our core competency. This basically involves assisting our clients in sourcing, acquisition and delivery of various products and services that they need within their organizations in a cost effective manner, thereby, enabling them to achieve their organization’s objectives.  

SOURCING APSCO has the capacity and capability to source any kind of products through our vast contact with large number of certified manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia.

ACQUISITIONThe firm has purchasing arrangements with vast majority of its manufacturing partners globally. Under our acquisition arrangements, we ensure that our clients interest is adequately satisfied through product quality, competitive prices, and long-term post-sale support where needed.

DELIVERYAPSCO has wide range of logistic structures in place to ship goods directly from our manufacturing partners to the end-users in an efficient and cost effective way. The sourcing, acquisition and delivery of goods is the primary function of our Procurement Services Division.  

American Procurement Services has purchasing arrangements with large number of major manufacturers as well as some of the largest World Class Distributors such as Ingram Micro, GovConnect, Clearwater, Merisel, Data Tech, etc., in the United States, Europe, and Asia that enable us to meet the needs of our clients expeditiously and competitively. Our extensive contacts with many major sources (with more than 40,000 different products) allow us to provide quality products at very competitive prices for institutions and agencies whether they buy through competitive bidding processes or making small purchases. This couples with our low overhead cost, enables us to undercut our competitors, thereby offering our clients significant savings for the goods and services we provide. APSCO also offers government and educational prices to the appropriate institutions and agencies.

American Procurement Services management team has over 30 years of collective experiences in providing domestic and international procurement services. Our management takes pride in the quality of the products and services we provide. As a standard policy, APSCO’s management complies with all Federal and USAID Acquisition Requirement (FAR52.252-1 & 48 CFR7) as well as World Bank Procurement Policies. We’ve provided international procurement services to United Nations Peace Keeping Missions and field offices worldwide, as well as World Bank related development projects throughout the world but predominantly in Africa. We have also provided procurement services to academic institutions, local and foreign governments, and individuals. APSCO’s Management has excellent response time to all Request For Quotes. We provide a turnkey procurement services, that is, from product sourcing to acquisition, delivery, installation, and post sales support where required around the world.

 2. Consultancy Services Division – Capacity Building

APSCO provides international development consultant services as a subcontractor to primary contractors in varieties of fields including Procurement Capacity Building. Our team of consultants consists of professors, retired professors, and subject matter specialists with proven track records and vast experiences in international development. APSCO, through its acquired firm, have rendered consultant services to several United State Agency for International Development (USAID) funded projects locally and abroad (including USAID/CID Project in Senegal, USAID funded project with Bunda College in Malawi, Suokwin Agricultural Development Project in Morogoro, Tanzania among others).

3. Procurement Outsourcing Partner Services

APSCO Procurement Outsourcing Services involve daily operational management of a group of procurement sub-processes such as requisitioning, suppliers identification, selection, qualification and management for multiple category of groups designed to reduce the overall procurement cost for the outsourcing firm. Our outsourcing process commence with vendor analysis.

Vendor AnalysisThis involves assessment of current and prospective vendors in terms of their: business model, financial strength, capacity to effective supply the goods and services, capabilities (their strengths and weaknesses), mark-up, prices and discount, product qualities and general reliability, reputation, deliveries, availability of experienced staff among others. This is followed by our vendor selection process.

Vendor SelectionAPSCO uses well structured processes to select vendors which partly include; the years in business, ability to supply products on long-term basis, scalability of products and services, flexibility to allow products changes and variation in orders, range and variety of products, internal experts, sustainability, financial stabilities, pricing structure, delivery time, customer response management, among others. These processes formed the basis for APSCO vendor selection for our outsourcing partners. Our primary objective in utilizing these criteria is to drive down the overall cost for our partners. Once the right sets of vendors are selected, the next step in generating cost savings is to effectively manage the selected vendors performances.

Vendor Performance ManagementThis basically involves monitoring and analyzing the reliability, quality and performance of the suppliers. This process allows APSCO to improve efficiency and profit, reduce stock level and inventory cost for the our outsourcing partner. The performance gauges that are used by APSCO include: delivery lead time, product quality, communication time lag, prices and frequency of price changes, accuracy of quantity delivered, breakages, financial stability of the vendors among others. This is even more important when considering Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) purchasing. APSCO will be seeking MRO Purchasing outsourcing contracts from large scale manufacturers starting in 2016.  

Performance History

APSCO through its acquisition has an impeccable performance records. While the firm is relative new, it has acquired a well established procurement firm that has successfully executed and completed approximately over five hundred international awarded contracts with significant portion of these awarded contracts completed before the stipulated completion dates. Our timely delivery and uncompromising post-sale support for our products to our clients have set us apart from our competitors. APSCO has had no clients dispute since its inception; this is indicative of the quality of the products and services that we render to our clients (Our Performance History available upon request)

Key to American Procurement Services Success

In the words of President Theodore Roosevelt,

“The most single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

APSCO is a people-oriented organization and works diligently to understand and meet its client needs. Our clients are the epicenters of our existence and our work ethics dictates that we dedicate ourselves to meeting the individual and collective needs of those we serve.

Confidentiality, dedication, reliability, accountability, innovation, and efficiency are our guiding principles in meeting client needs. We keep the operation of APSCO simple and that has been the key to our success.

West Coast Office

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East Coast Office

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APSCO is an American Corporation organized in 2010 with its main office located in Wilmington, Delaware. The company provides international procurement services to U.S. Federal government, foreign governments, development agencies, and institutions in developing countries, primarily in the African Region.