Regional Office’s and Staff  


At American Procurement Services, we simply do our best in meeting our clients’needs  with efficiency, commitment, and creativity.   A combination of dedicated procurement members and management personnel run American Procurement Services’ Headquarter hoping their work will effect positive change around the world. Meet some of our key personnel   

APSCO’s staffing consists of a core of highly trained, experienced, and motivated individuals, several of them with many years of working in procurement and economic development in various parts of the world. Many APSCO staffs have worked with development actors, including USAID, The African Development Bank, International Development Associates, and government institutions, and they have brought to the firm vast experiences and knowledge about the development arena 

Headquarters Staff – USA 


Anna Karleskind, CEO: Anna oversees the general operations of the firm by providing tactical and strategic directions and guiding the executive management team in developing growth and expansion strategies and executing them to plan. Anna has been with APSCO for over 7 years, starting as a procurement assistant and has held positions as Contract Coordinator, Procurement Manager and Vice President, which has allowed her to gain experience and knowledge on all aspects of the company.  Anna’s creative approach to procurement activities offers clients effective cost savings on quality products.  She brings a creative approach to the companies procurement activities which has not only resulted in increased revenues, but also offers clients cost savings on quality products.

Sherlock Mahn, Senior VP Transition & Business Development: With over thirty-five years practical experiences in managing large scales international procurement services firm and serving as high volume manufacturing equipment acquisition and qualification manager, Sherlock is charged with the responsibilities to a seamless transition of the acquired assets of Kwaplah International. He is also responsible for APSCO business development given his vast knowledge and expertise in the industry.  Mr. Mahn has successfully established the Engineering Services Division of APSCO that in presently executing several large-scale power and construction project in Liberia.

Ms. Gaydour A. Demanwu – Senior Vice President – Business Relations : Ms. Demanwu’s strong administrative and management background that spans across medical and public administration as well as her very good practical skills in business management prognosis makes her one of the key contributors to the APSCO Team. She is a very effective communicator, a skill set that is much desire in developing strong business relationships with our manufacturing partners and clients worldwide. Gaydour vast practical management experiences and strong leadership skills will be key to APSCO successful growth and expansion. Her strong background in the medical field will definitely contribute significantly to some of key medical equipment and pharmaceutical components of our business.

Ethan Colvert, General Manager Procurement Services – UN & USAID: Ethan has extensive international procurement experiences dealing with various international development agencies such as United Nations, World Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID). He also worked for Kwaplah International, one of the leading international procurement services firm in the United States. As General Manager of Procurement Services, Ethan works between the procurement and contract coordinator teams to close any communication gaps for flawless execution

Jeannette Luc, Operations Manager: Jeanette is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm which include the supervision of key personnel in the preparation and submission of proposals to development agencies to ensure the accuracy and content sufficiency of the proposals.  She works directly with all procurement assistance, providing guidance on projects and confirms all documents are accurate and compliant.  

Ms. Shelley Anderson, Finance Manager: Shelley is responsible for coordinating all invoices and billing as well as the firm monthly financial planning and reporting. She works closely with our CPA firm regarding all financial matters from contract payments to payment to manufacturers.   

West Africa Regional Office – Liberia

American Procurement Services West Africa office is location in Monrovia, Liberia and has two divisions – Procurement Services and Engineering Services.  APSCO – Liberia officially opened in 2017 and all members of the management, procurement and engineering team have been chosen because of the specific skills and experience they bring to the company. 

Mrs. Sonie Ford-Gongloe, Country Manager – APSCO-Liberia: Mrs. Gongloe joins the firm bringing critical management skills from both private and public sectors ranging from the USA to Africa.  This wealth of knowledge and experiences will propel the firm growth and expansion objective especially in the African market under her leadership. She has administrative responsibilities for APSCO’s two divisions of Procurement Services and Engineering Services.

Mr. David Wounuah, Head Resident Engineer / GGEP Project Director– APSCO Engineering Services: Mr. Wounuah has over fourteen year of engineering experience covering a progressive career path that rose through the ranks of the engineering practice from a Site engineering, design engineers, resident, project and program Manager.   Mr. Wounuah has specific experiences with donor funded projects including EU, World Bank, SIDA and USAID. He is a steadfast engineering professional with experience in project and program designs, management, monitoring and evaluation and environmental management.

Mr. Augustus Woods – Chief Procurement Officer / GGEP Deputy Chief of Party – Engineering Services: Mr. Woods has over ten years of professional experience working as a logistics, procurement and administrative professional for multiple organizations. His experiences include: Senior Procurement Manager /specialist roles in several internationally funded development projects as well as administrative roles in several USAID and EU funded projects.   Mr. Woods is an ardent procurement and supply chain professional.