American Procurement Services business is based on the needs of our clients, which ranges anywhere from office supplies to airport ground support equipment. While in search of the perfect product, we have established strong relationships with more than 100 manufacturing partners, enabling us to supply products from nearly every industry.  Below is a brief overview of the products we have supplied in the past but does not fully cover all the goods we are able to procure. Don’t see a product you are interested in? Please contact us with your request and we will get back to you!

Agricultural Equipment

  • Farm Implements
  • Tractors and Loaders 
  • Farm Equipment (Harvest, Plant, Spray, Till)
  • Chemicals and Fertilizers
  • Hand Tools


  • Pick Up Trucks and Passenger Vehicles
  • Motorcycles (Road and Off-Road)
  • Ambulances
  • Buses and Utility Vehicles
  • Vehicle Tires

PDF Catalogs:
AOSIF Catalogue – Generators – Electrical
CNC series Solar Air Conditioner
Solar Water Pump-specification


  • Pick Up Truck and Passenger Vehicles
  • Motorcycles (Road and Off-Road)
  • Ambulances
  • Buses and Utility Vehicles
  • Vehicle Tires

Apparel / Textiles

  • Uniforms (Military, Police, Student, Nursing)
  • Boots, Caps, Jackets & Blankets
  • Banners & Flags

IT / Electronics

  • Computers (Hardware and Software)
  • Data Storage
  • Printers, Fax Machines, Copiers & Scanners
  • Network Components

Office / Education 

  • Stationary & Cleaning Supplies
  • Presentation Equipment 
  • Office and School Furniture 


  • Night Vision Monoculars
  • Ballistics Vest and Blankets 
  • Armored Vehicles 
  • Explosive Detection


  • Solar Technology
  • Wind Turbine 
  • Generators 

Refuse Collection / Waste Management

  • Garbage / Refuse Trucks
  • Compactor Trucks
  • Bio-Hazardous Waste Bins
  • Waste Collection Trolleys


Appliances and Electronics (Commercial / Home /Industrial)

  • Refrigerators, Freezers, Stoves, A/C and Heaters
  • Washer and Dryers (Commercial & Home)
  • Industrial Kitchen Equipment
  • Cafeteria Equipment and Furniture 
  • Multisystem DVD and Televisions

Laboratory Equipment

  • Lab Safety and Suppliers
  • Microscopes and Measuring Equipment
  • Chemistry Analyzers and Centrifuges
  • Glass and Plasticware
  • Lab Equipment and Furniture

Medical / Dental Equipment

  • Diagnostic and Surgical Equipment
  • Therapy Equipment
  • Medical / Dental Supplies & Consumables
  • Patient Monitoring Equipment

Medical Furniture

  • Hospital Beds / Bedside Cabinet
  • Examination Couch
  • Instrument / Media Trolleys
  • Stretchers / Wheelchairs
  • Laboratory Stools
  • Bed Screens

Power Utilities

  • Utility Poles, Crossarms, Platforms
  • Power Distribution Equipment
  • Energy Meters
  • Power Line Hardware

Exercise / Sporting Goods

  • Cardio & Weight Equipment
  • Outdoor Sports Equipment & Games

Food Processing

  • Food Packing Equipment
  • Rice Milling Equipment
  • Dairy Processing Equipment

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APSCO is an American Corporation organized in 2010 with its main office located in Wilmington, Delaware. The company provides international procurement services to U.S. Federal government, foreign governments, development agencies, and institutions in developing countries, primarily in the African Region.