In late 2013, the United Nations peacekeeping mission, United Nations Disengagement Force (UNDOF), was in dire need of Winter clothing and gear for their troops. One of the many responsibilities of the UNDOF’s troops was to monitor the strip of land near the border of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. With the Syrian Civil War violence pouring into the surrounding areas, such as Golan Heights, the troops patrolling the rough terrain required rugged winter clothing and gear to carry out their duty effectively. 


 UNDOF found American Procurement Services (APSCO) as the right vendor for their needs, and awarded them the contract to urgently supply and deliver the winter clothing and gear. APSCO’s contract team was able to quickly negotiate with their manufacturers and cut the delivery time down by 2 weeks, being able to deliver the goods within 45 days.  


American Procurement Services worked with eight of their suppliers to provide top quality extreme weather gear from reputable brands like Northface, Arc’teryx, Alpha, Cabela’s and Hydroflask.  Detailed scheduling and constant communication with suppliers ensured a synched delivery of all items to APSCO’s warehouse.  The large order was inspected, compiled and re-packed for export at APSCO’s facility before being transported to Portland International Airport. With the cooperation of DHL, the shipment was carried out of PDX via airfreight, arriving in Golan Heights, Israel just before the winter storms.

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