Providing Honda Motorcycles for the Jordanian Border Patrol

 In 2013, the war in Syria was crossing the border into Jordan. The Jordanian Government engaged UNOPS with an urgent request to provide Military Motorcycles for the Border Patrol. UNOPS-Jordan issued a request to eligible vendors in order to acquire motorcycles specific to their mission.  American Procurement Services responded to their tender, and was issued the winning contract because of their swift proposed delivery time and competitive pricing. American Procurement Services accepted the challenge and performed the sourcing, acquisition, and delivery of 42 Military Police Motorcycles to the Jordanian Government within 60 days. 

American Procurement Supplier, Honda-UK, could not meet the delivery schedule for such large order. Therefore, American Procurement Services turned to Honda-USA and after several days of negotiation, Honda-USA accepted the offer and delivery timeline. American Procurement Services was able to work with Honda’s Team to consolidate the motorcycles from all across the country at Oakland’s Seaport in California.  Within 45 days the 42 new Honda VT750C Shadow Aero Motorcycles, were packed for export and ready to ship.   All motorcycles were secured in crates for airfreight out of Oakland, California and ready for use upon arrival for the Jordanian Border Patrol.  With the help of the logistics company, Kuehne and Nagel, and availability of cargo aircraft on such notice, the equipment arrived ahead of schedule.