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American Procurement Services provides international procurement services to international development agencies such as the United Nations, USAID, and World Bank development projects including the US Federal Government Agencies.


These projects assist impoverished countries with economic development and poverty reduction in war-torn countries. The ultimate beneficiaries of our services are those suffering from the carnage of wars, and those living in abject poverty, who lack access to good healthcare and education, and who are simply underserved by their communities. The UN and similar agencies rely on procurement service providers like APSCO to achieve their objectives.

By operating with sound business principles, thus ensuring our longevity, American Procurement Services provides invaluable and long-term logistics support to those agencies whose goal is to ease human suffering and reduce poverty.

APSCO general objective is to provide cost effective procurement services to development projects globally through our manufacturing partners; thereby ensuring competitive prices, timely delivery, and post sales support that enhance the attainment of these projects slated primary objectives.


American Procurement Services Mission is to establish one of the best international procurement and international development consultancy firms by fulfilling each and every customer’s procurement and consultancy needs to the fullest and enhancing each customer’s success by providing post delivery programs and support activities.

Our Goals

APSCO’s general goal is to become a number one provider of affordable international procurement and development consultancy services to foreign governments and non-governmental organizations throughout the world. These include US Federal Government, US Department of Defense (DOD), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), NGO’s, Academic Institutions, and International Development Projects that are funded through IDA, World Bank, AFDB, ADB, UNDP, etc.

APSCO Strives to Achieve These Specific Goals:

  • Insure our customers’ satisfaction through the provision of high quality services and products.
  • Provide affordable procurement services to foreign governments and non-governmental organization projects, academic institutions, and government agencies irrespective of the types of products, quantity or final destination and to do this at a minimum possible cost to the clients.
  • Provide wide range and different varieties of products that meet the needs of our clients.
  • Provide high quality products at very competitive prices to our clients at all times with the ultimate objective of building long-tem mutually beneficial relationships with these clients.

Management profile

APSCO’s staffing consists of a core of highly trained, experienced, and motivated individuals, several of them with many years of working in procurement and economic development in various parts of the world. Many APSCO staffs have worked with development actors, including USAID, The African Development Bank, International Development Associates, and government institutions, and they have brought to the firm vast experiences and knowledge about the development arena.

Company Profile

Our company profile is in the process of being updated with the most current information. You may download our profile below with the understanding that some information may be outdated.

American Procurement Services, LLC. company profile: Download (PDF, 218 KB)

APSCO is an American Corporation organized in 2010 with its main office  located in Wilmington, Delaware. American Procurement Services Corporation (APSCO) provides cost-effective international product procurement services to government organizations, development agencies and Fortune 500 businesses around the world. By combining low overhead costs and our ability to source over 20,000 products, we can ensure the most competitive product costs you will find. And when it comes to getting those products where they are needed, no one matches APSCO. Our management team has years of experience providing complex logistics solutions to United Nations Peace Keeping Missions and World Bank development projects. We pride ourselves on timely delivery to any location in the world – even under extraordinary circumstances – along with first-rate customer service and support. Outsourcing your procurement makes sense. to see if we can lower your costs and provide better service than your in-house procurement team.

Regional Offices and Staff

Headquarters Staff 

At American Procurement Services, we simply do our level best in meeting our clients’needs one at a time, with efficiency, commitment, and creativity. A team of dedicated procurement and management personnel runs American Procurement Services’ Headquarter by giving their best to our clients. We look forward to receiving your Request for Quote and meeting your organization’s procurement needs.

Washington Oyoo – CEO: Washington oversees the general operations of the firm by providing tactical and strategic directions and guiding the executive management team in developing growth and expansion strategies and executing them to plan. Washington has over 20 years experience in Engineering and Management in manufacturing and R&D with Hewlett Packard Company. He also co­founded PVTechnology Inc., a Solar Energy Company based in Ontario, California, and served on advisory board for the City of Corvallis, Oregon for five years.

Sherlock Mahn – Senior VP Transition & Business Development: With over thirty-five years practical experiences in managing large scales international procurement services firms and serving as high volume manufacturing equipment acquisition and qualification manager as well as a Senior Warranty Analyst at Hewlett Packard Corporation, Mr. Mahn is charged with the responsibilities to seamlessly transition the acquired assets of Kwaplah International. He is also responsible for APSCO business development given his vast knowledge and extensive expertise in the international procurement industry.  Mr. Mahn has a MSc and ABD In Resource Economics from Oklahoma State University and Oregon State University respectively.  He is also a Doctoral Candidate in Business Management and Organizational Leadership from UOP. 

Ms. Gaydour A. Demanwu – Senior Vice President – Business Relations : Ms. Demanwu’s strong administrative and management Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 2.50.33 PMbackground that spans across medical and public administration as well as her very good practical skills in business management prognosis makes her one of the key contributors to the APSCO Team. She is a very effective communicator, a skill set that is much desire in developing strong business relationships with our manufacturing partners and clients worldwide. Gaydour vast practical management experiences and strong leadership skills will be key to APSCO successful growth and expansion. Her strong background in the medical field will definitely contribute significantly to some of key medical equipment and pharmaceutical components of our business.

Jeannette Luc – Operations Manager: Jeanette is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm which include the supervision of key personnel in the preparation and submission of proposals to development agencies to ensure the accuracy and content sufficiency of the proposals.

Ethan Colvert – General Manager Procurement Services – UN & USAID: Ethan has extensive international procurement experiences dealing with various international development agencies such as United Nations, World Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID). He also worked for Kwaplah International, one of the leading international procurement services firm in United States.

Mr. Habte Ogbazion General Manager – World Bank (WB) Financed Development Project Procurement: Mr. Ogbazion served for Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 2.50.07 PMseven years as international procurement consultant and trainer; he provided consulting services to several national and international organizations including the Eritrean National Chamber of Commerce that provides training for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. He served as consultant to the Ministries of Education and Agriculture project staff on World Bank procurement procedures, facilitated classroom procurement training as well as instituted uniform procurement practices for these agencies. He also served over five years as Chief Procurement Officer at the Ministries of Health and Finance respectively for the Government of Eritrea where he was responsible for bidding, contract awards and execution for these agencies WB financed projects. With these vast practical experiences in the WB Procurement procedures and policies, Habte is one of the key contributors to APSCO as we gradually grow the World Bank financed development project procurement component of our firm.

Anna Karleskind – Contract Coordinator: Anna is responsible for ensuring that all awarded contracts are executed according to the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract and if there are deviations and revision, they are done in most cost effective manner with all parties concerned approval. She works in close coordination with the Procurement Services Manager and Operations manager.

Heidi Thomas Finance Manager: Heidi is responsible for coordinating all invoices and billing as well as the firm monthly financial planning and reporting. She works closely with our CPA firm regarding all financial matters from contract payments to payment to manufacturers.

Overseas Staff

With growing demand for the type of services that American Procurement Services provides, the current effort concentrates on expanding our operation in North America and Africa. In North America, APSCO intends to grow its local procurement operation aggressively throughout 2016 – 2017. While in Africa, our immediate target covers North, West and Eastern Africa. APSCO will establish regional offices in North Africa, West Africa, and East Africa. The specific countries and cities where these offices will be located are still in the planning stages. Cairo (Egypt) and Tripoli (Libya) are being considered for our North Africa Regional Office while Accra (Ghana) and Monrovia (Liberia) are under consideration for West Africa. We planned to open East Africa office either in Nairobi, Kenya or Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. APSCO intends to participate in construction of the Republic of Southern Sudan. However, our East African office will cover Southern Africa. APSCO services will extend to all Anglophone Africa, but also putting a plan in place to address business opportunities with Franco-phone Africa. American Procurement Services has representatives in several countries. We are proud of the quality of our agents and the services they provide in support of our operations to the local project offices. We had handpicked outstanding and experienced individuals to  serve our clients’ procurement needs. Please meet a few of our team members.

East Africa Region

Mr. Solomon Ashagre
P.O. Box 4891
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ph: (251) 911-23-4843
Fax: (251) 116-63-6396

Mr. Francis Lukwaro
P.O. Box 9888
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Ph: (255) 222-66-8728
Fax: (255) 222-66-6427

Southern Africa Region

Mr. Retsepile Elias – Lesotho
P.O. Box 43 Mazenod 160
Mazenod, Lesotho
Ph: (266) 58-85-4989
Fax: (266) 22-31-4311

West Africa Region

American Procurement Services (Liberia) Inc
The Liberia Group of Companies Building
Police Academy Junction, Paynesville
Monrovia, Liberia
Ph: (231) 886-948-007 / 886-530-251

Mr. Henry Keyumbeh – Sierra Leone
Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa

West Coast Office

425 SW Madison Plaza, Suite T, Corvallis, OR 97333 USA
Ph: 541.757.6370 Fax: 541.752.6432
Email: APSCO@Americanprocurementco.com

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East Coast Office

1201 Orange Street, Suite 700 Unit 7226, Wilmington, DE 19801 USA
Ph: 302.573.2313 Fax: 302.573.2507
Email: APSCO@Americanprocurementco.com


APSCO is an American Corporation organized in 2010 with its main office located in Wilmington, Delaware. The company provides international procurement services to U.S. Federal government, foreign governments, development agencies, and institutions in developing countries, primarily in the African Region.